About The HIPAA E-Tool® 

The HIPAA E-Tool ® is a software program provided in the cloud to help office managers, practitioners, and business associates assess risk and then work toward compliance. If a breach occurs, The HIPAA E-Tool ® guides administrators through a step-by-step process back to business as usual.

The HIPAA E-Tool - A Complete, Internet-based HIPAA Compliance Solution for Health Care Providers and Business Associates - fully aligned with HHS/OCR Audit Protocols and easy to use

We think differently

We think HIPAA can be explained clearly and simply. We prove it by making a product that is beautifully designed and easy to use


We think HIPAA compliance should always be up to date and affordable

We prove it by using the Internet so our product is updated instantly when a HIPAA Rule changes or new Federal guidance is issued, is inexpensive to deliver and is available when you need it 24-7.


Reduce your stress with   The HIPAA E-Tool ®   It's easy to use & always up-to-date.

Reduce your stress with The HIPAA E-Tool ® It's easy to use & always up-to-date.



We think HIPAA compliance should be expert and complete

We provide it by our team lead by Paul R. Hales, who is nationally known as an expert in HIPAA law and his ability to explain HIPAA Rules clearly in plain language. Paul is an attorney licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States and a graduate of Columbia University Law School.


The HIPAA E-Tool ® is your HIPAA Compliance Solution

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" In just the first two hours of using The HIPAA E-Tool®, I can tell how much time this will save. Anyone with a busy practice who needs easy to follow guidance through the rules and policies of HIPAA would benefit from The HIPAA E-Tool®. A real confidence booster - thank you! "

-Gary, Missouri physician and sole practitioner