Unmatched tool for HIPAA compliance - see how it works!

No experience required


The HIPAA E-Tool ® has everything you need - all Policies, Procedures and Forms needed for compliance are written and included.  All is presented with clear instructions, ready for use.

The HIPAA E-Tool ® is designed to be used by staff with little or no previous experience with HIPAA, making them experts in HIPAA compliance.

The HIPAA E-Tool ® is always current. HIPAA experts provide updates so that each new regulation, policy or procedure is changed in real-time -- 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The HIPAA E-Tool ® is a web-based compliance solution available whenever it's needed. And it's completely interactive with:

  • A Search Box and navigation tabs that provide access to any HIPAA topic with a keystroke. 
  • An easy-to-use, interactive Risk Analysis tool that addresses risks to all Protected Health Information.
  • A Breach Risk Assessment Tool allows users to root out all breach risk assessment factors.
  • Each document made available to be printed for training, documentation or the organization’s compliance manual.

The HIPAA E-Tool ® allows for all Policies, Procedures and Forms to be customized with your organization’s name, logo and contact information.

The HIPAA E-Tool ® documents include the Notice of Privacy Practices automatically customized with the organization’s name and contact information.

The HIPAA E-Tool ® enables your organization's policy provisions to be easily added.

The HIPAA E-Tool ® provides your organization the forms to respond properly to patient requests for access, restrictions, confidential communications, amendments to their records, accounting for disclosures or to make a complaint. All are downloadable to be filled in with your word processing software.